Hilary Duff Admits She Sometimes ‘Struggles’ With Her Weight – Do You?

Pilates devotee Hilary Duff has an admission that many women can relate to: she sometimes “struggles” with her weight| but only a little bit. She told Elle.com| “I always feel like I’m in the five- to 10-pound struggle| but my life is so busy. I’m just not that concerned| really. I’m normal and I’m perfectly happy being that way. Some weeks I’m like| ‘Man| my clothes are fitting so good|’ and then some weeks| I’m| like| ‘I need to cut back on a few things|’ but that’s it. I don’t fall into the trap of having to be 110 pounds.”

The level-headed mom added that she knows that being the “skinniest person” isn’t the way to happiness. Instead| she focuses on what she’s accomplished by sticking to her workout routine. “I just tell myself| ‘I’m five foot| two. I’m really fit| killing it in the gym| and doing crazy things|'” she said. We love her honesty as well as her outlook on what’s really important.

Image Source: Getty