Loosen Up and Let Go: Relaxing Hip-Opening Sequence

Loosen Up and Let Go: Relaxing Hip-Opening Sequence

Got tight hips from running| biking| or sitting at a desk all day? Who doesn’t? Give this relaxing hip-opener sequence a try| moving through on the right side and then repeating on the left. Begin in a Wide Squat| extending the arms in front of you| releasing the torso through the thighs. Stay here for five breaths.

| Butterfly

To do Butterfly pose| sit with the soles of your feet together and your knees out wide. Keep your spine long and stay seated for five breaths and then fold forward for five breaths.

| Pigeon

From Butterfly| swing your left leg back behind you and pull your right heel in toward your left hip. Stay here for five breaths in Pigeon pose and then lower your torso to the ground for five breaths.

| Head to Knee

From Pigeon| gently swing your left leg forward. Press your right foot against your left inner thigh and fold straight over your left leg. Stay in this pose called Head to Knee for five breaths.

| Happy Baby

From Head to Knee| bend both knees and roll onto your back. Hold on to the outside edges of your feet| pulling your knees toward the ground below your shoulders. Hold Happy Baby for five breaths.

| Double Pigeon

From Happy Baby pose| roll up and place your right leg back on the ground with your right knee bent. Bend your left knee and place your left ankle on top of your right knee and your left knee on top of your right ankle. Your shins should be parallel. Stay seated| or if it feels OK| fold forward over your legs. Stay here in Double Pigeon for five breaths. Then repeat the entire sequence on your left side.