The Hottest Male Personal Trainers to Follow on Instagram

The Hottest Male Personal Trainers to Follow on Instagram

When the fitspiration just isn’t striking and you’d rather sit back and relax| sometimes all you need is a little eye candy to get you motivated. These are 15 of the hottest male personal trainers you need to follow on Instagram if you want to add photos of strong| motivating| and positive men to your feed. There’s more than meets the eye u2014 these guys are some of the top personal trainers in the biz| and they know a thing or two about getting fit.

| Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is a personal trainer in NYC| and he’s a dad. You’ll be swooning over the pics of his abs and his baby.

| Anthony Terrell

Anthony Terrell is a Pennsylvania| PA-based personal trainer| assistant MMA coach| and professional MMA fighter.

| Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman is a master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in NYC| and he’s always sharing motivating workout videos with his 10K-plus followers.

| Lance Schilling

Texas hottie Lance Schilling has a positive fitness philosophy we can get behind: “”If you can believe it| you can achieve it. I teach mental confidence at all times. Then changing your body is easy.””

| Matt LeMond

Twenty-seven-year-old Matt LeMond is a personal trainer from Alta Loma| CA| who thinks women look hottest while doing walking lunges.

| Niv Zinder

Israel-born Niv Zinder spends his days as a Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and living by three words: “”be| do| have; be healthy by creating a desired goal| define what you need to do in order to reach the goal| and enjoy the satisfaction once you have achieved the result!””

| Shaun Thompson

Better known as Shaun T| this fitness trainer and choreographer isn’t messing around u2014 he was a backup dancer for Mariah Carey and came to fitness fame through his popular Hip Hop Abs program. He shares fun videos| motivational tips| and healthy eating inspiration on his Instagram account with over 270K followers.

| Bob Harper

You might recognize hottie Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser| but if you’re not following him on Instagram| you should be! He’s a great source for healthy recipes| gym pics| and plenty of selfies.

| Ulisses Williams Jr.

Powerhouse Ulisses Williams Jr. is a celebrity trainer| professional bodybuilding champion| and international fitness model.

| Neal Maddox

Neal Maddox is the owner and head trainer at CrossFit X-treme Athletics| a five-time CrossFit Games athlete| and all-around stud.

| Brett Hoebel

Also known as “”El Capitan|”” Brett Hoebel was a trainer on The Biggest Loser season 11 and is the author of popular fitness book The 20-Minute Body: 20 Minutes| 20 Days| 20 Inches.

| John Abraham

Serious hottie with a body John Abraham is an actor| producer| former model| and bodybuilder from India. Expect many pictures like this on his Instagram.

| Dolvett Quince

Another hottie from The Biggest Loser| Dolvett Quince is the bestselling author of The 3-1-2-1 Diet: Eat and Cheat Your Way to Weight Loss. He’s supermotivational| and his posts will give you the extra push you need.

| Mark Langowski

Mark Langowski| better known as Body by Mark| is one of the most sought-after trainers in the world. He shares videos of do-anywhere workouts and healthy meal inspiration that will get you pumped.

| Ethan Marine

Just gonna leave this photo of fitness and nutrition specialist Ethan Marine and his baby here . . .