Speedy Recovery: 10 Ways to Ease Sore Muscles

After an intense cardio workout or weight-training session| you might feel extreme exhaustion| muscle soreness| and nausea. This hit-by-a-truck feeling that you often wake up with the day after working out is called DOMS| which stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. Luckily| there are many preventative measures you can take to avoid it. Here’s a quick list of 10 steps you should always take before| during| and after going to the gym.

    Drink a cup or two of caffeinated tea or coffee before working out to increase muscular strength and endurance and reduce the chance of soreness.Eat a pre-workout snack that is low-fat and high-carb with some protein.Warm up properly with a little cardio and dynamic stretching to prep your muscles and joints for your workout.Do not stop and start moving while exercising; instead| keep steadily moving so fresh blood will be sent to repair your taxed muscles.While you are working out| stay hydrated by drinking water every 15 minutes.If you are sweating a lot| it’s important to replace lost electrolytes with a sports drink or other electrolyte-rich foods| because these essential salts regulate heartbeats| muscular contractions| and nerve function.After your workout| stretch and use a foam roller to massage out knots and increase blood flow to your muscles.Immediately after working out| eat a post-workout snack that has a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein to help restore the nutrients lost in the muscles during the workout. Try chocolate milk or a protein snack washed down with tart cherry juice| which has also been shown to reduce soreness.Consider getting a sports massage to increase circulation and break up major knots in problem areas that are always sore.Take a cold shower post-workout to reduce inflammation of the muscles. Or try an ice bath| which has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by 20 percent.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography