#LoveYourBody Day 4: Find Your Strength

Strong is the new skinny. Strong is bold| it’s sexy| it’s beautiful. When I struggled with my weight after college| working out not only helped the numbers on the scale go down| but my muscles and endurance gave me a newfound strength. They built my confidence and made me feel unstoppable. Witnessing what my body could do in sneakers| on wheels| and on a yoga mat made me fall in love with my body| not because of how it looked| but more importantly| because of how it made me feel.

Today| show your body some love by doing something that makes you feel strong| either mentally or physically. Try something new in a class you take. Maybe today’s the day to try the headstand or the pull-up you’ve always shied away from ¡ª a new accomplishment is sure to make you feel badass. Or add an extra pound or more to your weight routine| do an extra set of ab exercises| or try something adventurous and slightly risky such as snowboarding or rock climbing. Feeling confident| strong| and proud of your body’s unique abilities is sure to make you fall in love with yourself a little bit more.

Learn more about the Love Your Body action plan here. It’s time to be kind to yourself.