Step-by-Step Guide on the Best Ways to Cook Tofu

Step-by-Step Guide on the Best Ways to Cook Tofu

Your diet could use more protein, but let’s face it u2014 it can do without added saturated fat and cholesterol. I have one word for you: tofu. Yes, this amazingly versatile vegetarian food is just the thing to fill you up and sustain your energy to help you defeat hunger and drop pounds.

Because I’ve been a vegetarian since the ripe age of 13, friends keep asking advice on how to cook tofu so that it’s not squishy and gross! Well, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to preparing this white wonder in three tasty ways.

| Types of Tofu

If you’re not into the soft, slimy texture of tofu, then you’ll want to skip the silken and soft varieties and go straight for firm, extrafirm, or even superfirm. These are more dense, which means more calories and more protein per bite. Check out the nutritional comparison below for a three-ounce serving: