This May Be the Easiest Way to a Perkier Butt Ever

If you’ve never done the bridge before| it’s time to get acquainted. This do-anywhere| basic bodyweight move targets your backside and thighs to sculpt a perkier butt without the need for endless squats. In fact| you don’t even have to stand at all! The bridge is the perfect feeling-lazy exercise for Summer| so grab a mat and learn how to do this glute-strengthening| ab-defining move.

On your mat| lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Be sure and keep your feet underneath your knees| not in front. Plant your palms by each side| face down.Raise your hips up to the ceiling| tensing your abs and squeezing your butt as you do. You should be making a long diagonal line with your body| from shoulders to knees.Hold for a few seconds| making sure your spine doesn’t round and your hips don’t sag. Keep your abs and butt muscles engaged.Lower down to the ground| then repeat for 10 to 15 reps.

An important note: the bridge exercise differs from the Bridge yoga pose| which focuses on rounding your shoulders and clasping your hands for a different| more relaxing experience. For this back-toning move| however| it’s important that you keep your chest open and plant your palms firmly on each side to reap the benefits of this exercise.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios