How to Drink on the Weekend and Still Lose Weight

It’s so easy to chat it up with friends while sipping on a fruity cocktail| and the next thing you know| you’ve sucked down 400 calories in under 10 minutes. Consuming too many liquid calories is one reason your pants feel a little snug| and alcohol is considered one of the worst diet wreckers. Not only is it high in empty calories| but it also stimulates your appetite| weakens your willpower| and lights up areas of your brain that make high-calorie foods seem more irresistible.

If weight loss is on your mind| limit drinking alcohol to one to two drinks on the weekend or forgo it altogether. Go for these low-cal cocktails| or if you’re more into kicking back a brewski| here’s a list showing the beers with the fewest calories. With every alcoholic drink| order a tall glass of water to go with it. Alternate sips between the two glasses| making sure to finish at least 12 ounces of H2O for every cocktail.

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Image Sources: POPSUGAR Photography and Shutterstock