The Broke Girl’s Guide to Exercising

The Broke Girl’s Guide to Exercising

When you’re on a budget you have to get creative with your spending habits, and signing up for a pricey gym or class membership is definitely not on your list of splurges. For those who still want to exercise, however, there are inexpensive ways to try that new cycling class you’ve been obsessing over or that CrossFit workout everyone’s talking about. And yes, you can definitely work toward that Beyoncu00e9 body without spending an insane amount of money on a personal trainer. Read on to see all the creative ways you can stay fit while maintaining the budget you have set for yourself.


1. Search for studios that offer a free first class. Often small studios will let guests take the first class for free. Interested in cycling classes? Do a quick search in your neighborhood and you’ll come across places like sweating it out with a BFF is always more fun than working out alone.

3. Go swimming at the beach or outdoor pool. Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor activities like swimming. Take a dip in a friend’s pool or head to the nearest beach for a swim. You won’t even feel like you’re exercising.

4. Sign up for free gym passes. Crunch, David Barton, Equinox, and Gold’s Gym all offer three- to seven-day free passes to guests. If you don’t want to commit to one gym spot, these free passes are your jackpot. You can also strategically plan which gyms to visit using the free passes, which adds up to almost a free month of exercising.

5. Try ClassPass. Can’t decide whether you want to do Pilates, yoga, strength training, or cycling?