How to Step Off the Plane Feeling Fabulous, Energized, and Bloat-Free

Popular activewear line Lorna Jane is well-known in Australia for its fashion-forward| affordable| and motivational workout gear| as well as founder Lorna Jane Clarkson’s approach to active living and clean eating. During a recent trip to the US to celebrate the opening of her Active Living Room store in San Diego| CA| we asked jet-setting Lorna for her advice on how to stay healthy and feel your best when traveling. If you’re heading out this Memorial Day weekend| her creative travel tips will keep you feeling bloat-free and ready to go as soon as you reach your destination.

    Bring a carry-on: Baggage fees are a drag| but if you have carry-on room to spare| copy Lorna’s traveling style: bring a small cooler filled with your favorite healthy snacks and meals| then ask your flight attendant for ice once you settle in on the plane. Lorna likes to take salad| fruit| homemade energy bars| and nuts tossed in cinnamon to fuel her during travel time instead of relying on airplane food. “I just like to know [what’s in my food]|” she explains. “I want it to be in season| fresh| and as nutritious as possible.”Think pineapple: When in season| Lorna likes to bring pineapple with her| which contains an enzyme known to help ease belly issues. “The altitude does crazy things to your digestive system| so it’s really important|” she says.Have a postflight routine: Don’t delay ¡ª an after-trip ritual of moving around and drinking lots of water really helps you feel less bloated and low-energy| Lorna says. “You can feel it happening; when you get off the plane| you feel a little bit puffy| and then you go for a walk and you drink lots of water| and you can actually feel your legs and arms getting less bloated|” she says. “It’s amazing!”Hit the grocery store: As soon as you reach your destination| make sure you find a healthy grocery store so you can stock up on energizing food to snack on at your hotel. Lorna recommends in-season fruits| healthy cereals| and kombucha tea for when you need an energy boost. “I know they will get me through the day|” she says.

Image Source: Shutterstock