Run-Down? This 1-Minute Trick Will Recharge You Right Away

Confession: I sit all day long. I’m lucky enough to have a desk that pops up to stand when I need to perk up| and I regularly stretch out around the office| but the vast majority of my day is spent sitting down while staring at my computer screen. Working out regularly and eating clean keep me feeling relatively energized| but I’m always on the hunt for new advice that can give me a boost| naturally. When I chatted with Sonima Wellness Center’s naturopathic medical advisor Dr. Janet Zand about my struggle to stay energized at work| she offered this tip that’s rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. I was a little skeptical of at first| but to my surprise| it really works.

The next time you’re feeling run-down| sleepy| and in need of a recharge| vigorously rub your ears for one minute. The ears are full of nerve endings| and this massaging motion stimulates acupressure points that can improve your circulation. This improved blood circulation translates to improved energy. It’s like “pushing a reset button|” said Dr. Zand.

I was feeling lethargic around 3 p.m.| took out my earrings| set a stopwatch| and started rubbing. The minute felt much longer than I had anticipated| and around the halfway mark| my ears started to feel hot (luckily| this is normal). Once my minimassage was up| I took a few deep breaths and returned to my work refreshed and more alert. Yes| you will look a little weird as you’re rubbing ¡ª if you’re embarrassed to do it at your desk| head to the bathroom or go for a quick walk around the office ¡ª but once you try it for yourself| I doubt you’ll turn back to that additional cup of coffee (and afternoon jitters) any time soon.

Image Source: Corbis Images