The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Fit Before the Bachelorette Party

The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Fit Before the Bachelorette Party

Have a bachelorette party on the horizon? Looking and feeling your best will make the weekend even more fabulous and memorable. Whether you’ll be rocking serious body-con garb in Vegas| donning an itty-bitty bikini on the beach| or slipping into something slinky for a big night out in the city| follow these rules for two weeks before the party. Not only will you feel your best in the midst of all that partying| but you’ll also have a gorgeous glow in the hundreds of photos you’ll inevitably be posting on Facebook and Instagram.

| Cut Out Salt and Sugar

According celebrity trainers Chris and Heidi Powell| there’s a simple way to change the body instantly and beat belly bloat. If you’re consuming too much salt and sugar| a strong core can be covered up by a “layer of water and potentially a layer of fat|”” Heidi says.

Here is the pair’s concrete rule to banish bloat quickly: get sodium intake down to 1|500 milligrams per day and cut sugar down to 20 grams. Your body will naturally shed water weight and reveal all your hard work from the gym. Once you make this shift in your diet| Chris says you’ll see an “”immediate change”” and experience instant gratification. If seeing an immediate change is not a reason to try| I’m not sure what is.

| Clean Up Your Diet

When it comes to shaping up quickly and safely| eating fresh whole foods just makes sense. It supplies your body with optimal nutrition and naturally cuts out all the garbage that makes your blood sugar spike or packs on the pounds. Meet the clean-eating rules we swear by that will change your life. After two weeks living by these| you’ll learn a lot about how much the food you eat affects how you feel.

One recipe to try during your two-week countdown is this bloat-fighting rainbow quinoa salad. It offers 13 grams of protein to fuel your workouts| seven grams of fiber to keep your digestion on track| and tons of colorful produce packed with phytonutrients.

| Control Your Portions

Overeating healthy foods is one of the common culprits behind weight-loss struggles. Keep your portion controls in check with our handy chart| pack up leftovers as soon as you make your plate| or when all else fails| cut down recipes| so you cook a single serving. This way the temptation of overeating is totally removed.

| Say Buh-Bye to Booze (For Now)

Alcohol is full of empty calories and tons of sugar| which messes with all the hard work you’re putting into eating clean and working out. If you’re serious about shaping up| cut out booze for 14 days and opt for an all-natural mocktail or a healthy nightcap until the big day. Chances are| you’ll (more than) make up for lost time when the partying begins.

| Amp Up Your Workout Schedule

Dietary changes are necessary to see big results in a short period of time| and putting in time at the gym is also important. There’s no reason to go crazy and find yourself left with an injury once the party rolls around| but adding extra workouts to your schedule will only help you reach your goals.

Try a new cardio class with friends after work instead of hitting up your regular happy-hour spot| or be brave and go solo to a studio you’ve always wanted to experience. You may find a new favorite workout in the process of shaping up for the party.

| Add Effective Exercises

Here’s the truth: your body’s composition will not change overnight. However| targeting specific muscle groups and making a commitment to your physical fitness in the weeks leading up to the party will without a doubt help you become stronger and more confident in your clothes.

Get your tummy ready for crop tops and bikini tops with these flat-belly exercises| pick up weights for the first time with our beginner-friendly arm plan| or perk that booty with these tush-lifting moves.

| Get to Bed!

Sleep is precious| and when you’re trying to look and feel your best| it is even more of a necessity. Sleep resets your body and keeps your immune system strong| so nothing gets in the way of your good time. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night| so you’re energized and ready to go when the exciting time comes to celebrate and party.