How to Make That Long Run Feel Easier

If you’re training for a race| there’s no reason to dread your long run. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind to make those miles fly by.

    Forget the time: Sometimes| it’s better just to put in the mileage than struggle to keep a time goal. When you’re dragging your feet to make your run| not paying attention to your pace can help you feel less pressure on a bad running day.Shorten your stride: Conserve your energy no long| bounding strides needed. Shortening your stride will help you run the most efficiently| which allows you to save energy for your long trek.Go out and back: This is a great way to trick your mind into thinking you’re going a shorter distance| and it can be more convenient as well. To do an out-and-back run| run half the mileage you’ve set for the day| and then turn back! It’ll feel less daunting than going on an unknown loop.Set a walk-run goal: Just because you have to stop running doesn’t mean you aren’t a runner. Tell yourself you can walk for one minute for every five minutes of running| for example| or take a break once you hit each mile.Be serious about entertainment: Make sure you’ve got headphones that stay put and a killer playlist or podcast that will last for your entire run| or enlist friends to run at least part of your route with you. When you’re not looking forward to a couple hours on the road| how you distract yourself can make all the difference.Get it over with: The longer you delay your run| the more you’ll dread it. Commit to a time early in the day so you have the most energy and aren’t wasting time putting it off.

Image Source: Shutterstock