Feeling Wiped Out? Read This ASAP

Some mornings we wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day, and others leave a lot to be desired. If you’ve woken up wiped out or in a funk, one of these easy-to-follow tips will cure all.

    Watch a funny video: Laughter is clinically proven to improve your mood and stimulate your organs, allowing fresh and energizing oxygen-rich blood to circulate throughout your body. Click here for help.Do this to your ear lobes: The next time you’re feeling run down, vigorously rub your ears for one minute. This massaging motion stimulates acupressure points that can improve your circulation, and this improved blood circulation translates to improved energy. It’s like “pushing a reset button,” said Dr. Janet Zand. Is it weird? Yes. Does it work? Definitely.Make time to work out: Even when you’re tired and fading fast, boosting your body with a quick workout can turn things around. Studies have shown morning exercisers burn more calories, but if energy is your primary goal, working out any time of day is awesome.Turn on some tunes: Music has the power to alter your mood and head space. When you’re feeling sleepy or down in the dumps, turn on this happy running mix to pick up your spirit whether you’re on the road or stuck at your desk.Grab a power nap: If you can swing it, give your body a break with a little quality shut-eye. Sleeping for too long midday can make you more tired, so be sure to set your alarm to hit the scientifically proven sweet spot; between 10 and 20 minutes is just right for a jolt of energy.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Maria Del Rio