20 Healthy Habits That Lead to Big Results

20 Healthy Habits That Lead to Big Results

You don’t have to exercise every morning before dawn or stick to nothing but salads u2014 these simple tips will ensure you’ll be your healthiest, happiest, and most energetic yet. Even better? Being consistent with these small habit changes can lead to big results if you’re looking to lose weight. Get ready to feel your best ever with these 20 simple ways to be your healthiest self yet.

| Move For 30 Minutes

Every day, try to walk, run, bike, or work out for at least 30 minutes. Your mind, body, and waistline will thank you.

| Make Sleep a Priority

The more you neglect your nighttime rest, the more your health will be affected. Adequate sleep is important for lowering your risk of disease, helping you lose weight, and making sure you have enough energy to tackle your to-do list. Aim for seven to nine hours a night, and stick with your goal, for better health overall.

| Drink More Water

According to dietitian Julie Upton, drinking about half your weight in fluid ounces of water is a great way to ensure you stay hydrated, have energy, and even burn more calories.

| Eat Mindfully

Slowing down will help you relax and enjoy what you’re eating. Sit down when you eat, and think about your food so you make healthier eating choices while enjoying your meals more than you would on a rushed junk-food habit.

| Track Your Steps

You don’t even have to invest in a fancy fitness tracker u2014 you can track your steps with an inexpensive pedometer or a smartphone app (like the free