4 Tips to Make Your Next Run Better

Running may be about putting one foot in front of the other| but how you do it can make your workout seem that much easier. Brian Beckstead| cofounder of zero-drop Altra Running Shoes and dedicated ultrarunner| recently gave us some advice on how to improve running form. These four tips will definitely help you the next time you head out!

    Balance-forward posture: Leaning just slightly forward from your ankles can help your body stay in line. “Think big breath| line that back up| shoulders come back| chest forward| and lead from the ankles|” Brian says. “It’s a great position to be in. It allows for you to open up your lungs| it allows for your back alignment to be straight| it really kind of builds a foundation for good running.”Easy arms: “Don’t overdo your arms when you run|” Brian says. Keep your arms pumping at your side| never crossing over. “If your arm comes in front of your body| what happens to your balance-forward posture? It goes backwards. That’s bad. So shoulders back| keep those elbows back too. Keep them nice| light| and compact.” Midfoot strike: Constant heel striking can cause lower back pain and other issues. Brian advises keeping a slight bend in your knee and landing closer to midfoot. “Use the knees to absorb the shock|” he says.Nice cadence: “Cadence has a lot to do with your arm motion|” Brian explains. “If you’re taking these big arm motions| you’re taking big| long strides. And if you’re taking big| long strides| you’re almost always going to overstride and do that heel strike.” Keep your strides normal and easy| not feeling like you’re taking big leaps with your feet. “You’re not doing big gallops| you’re going nice| light| short| and quick|” he says.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography