4 Daily Habits to Shape Up For Spring

It’s almost bikini weather| so now’s the time to start thinking about your shape-up plan. Making a few simple changes to your lifestyle now will ensure you’re not frantically trying to crash diet a week before a warm-weather vacation. Read our tips to start today for a safe Spring shape-up.

    Debloat and detox: Start recovering from Winter sluggishness now by replacing comfort foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink water with lemon every day| for example| to burn fat and aid with digestion| and make sure every salad contains dark leafy greens like kale or spinach. Read more about 10 detoxing foods you should be eating here.Lose the belly: It’s not so easy to hide a belly behind thick sweaters when the temperatures rise. Begin working on that flat belly now with these daily must dos to get flat abs ¡ª?like eating blueberries| cutting a few calories| and increasing your cardio workout ¡ª in order to shrink your belly and reveal your core muscles.Focus on legs: Shorts weather calls for strong| shapely legs| so we’re all about working our lower body as Spring nears. You don’t even have to make it to the gym to get gorgeous gams and a lifted butt: take five minutes out of each day to do a few of these essential lower-body exercises (think squats and lunges) that you can do anywhere. By summertime| your bikini-clad self will thank you.Write it down: If you’re trying to lose weight in time for Summer fun| it helps to build structure with your weight-loss plan. While the above steps will help you burn calories and unearth toned muscles| if your larger goal is to drop a few pounds| start by writing in a food journal every day to record the holes and excesses in your diet.

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