How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Your B*tch

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Your B*tch

Tired of feeling bad about New Year’s resolutions that fizzle by February? This year is going to be different because you are going to make those resolutions and you are going to own them! Might as well start now| and here’s how.

| Make a Plan and Stick to It

Write out your goals and figure out how you’re going to make them happen. It might take some outside help| so don’t procrastinate if you need to hire a personal trainer or sign up for Weight Watchers.

| Set Minigoals

It’s best to stick to small| realistic| and tangible goals you can carry out| such as “”lose one pound a week”” or “”exercise three times a week|”” instead of a broad idea such as “”to lose weight.””

| Then Celebrate Every Accomplishment

Once you meet your minigoals (say you exercised three times a week for an entire month)| then go out and celebrate u2014 just be sure it won’t undo all the good you’ve done. Get a pedicure| buy a new fitness top| get a massage| go skiing| or download a bunch of new songs off iTunes.

| Live by This Rule 24/7| or at Least 80/20

The sooner you accept that exercising and eating healthy regularly are the way to see results| the sooner you’ll start seeing results.

| Tell Everyone Your Resolutions So They Can Help Keep You on Track

Tell family members| friends| co-workers| people at the gym| and even your doctor about your healthy goals so that whoever you’re with| they can offer support.

| And Don’t Get Mad When They Do

They’re only trying to help!

| Indulge a Little Every Day to Satisfy Cravings

Whatever you crave| whether it’s dark chocolate| wine| or even salty chips| have a small bite or two each day to curb cravings and prevent all-out binges later.

| Exercise With Others to Keep You Motivated

If you make exercise plans with others| they’ll not only help keep you accountable and motivated| but your workouts will go by that much faster.

| Dig Deep and Find a Personal Reason That’ll Keep You Going No Matter What

The only way you’re going to stick with your healthy goals is if you make your reason for doing it so important| you can’t give up.

| Try Something You’ve Never Tried Before

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for years| it sounds like what you’ve been doing isn’t working. So make a change in the way you exercise or eat. Maybe 2015 is the year you get on the CrossFit bandwagon or make mason jar salads for the week.

| Monitor Your Progress

Nothing keeps you motivated toward a bigger goal than seeing your progress along the way. Find a way to keep track| whether it’s by the scale| how your clothes fit| or how many pounds you can lift.

| Don’t Give Up

Even if your motivation starts to fizzle| don’t let a few missed workouts or a week of less-than-clean eating turn into a habit. Tomorrow is always a new opportunity to get right back on your healthy path.