A Little Mind Trick That Will Conquer Cravings For Good

When you’re craving something| it’s hard to think of anything else. Before you reach for that bag of chips| however| take a moment to remember this convenient acronym ¡ª?WAIT| or “What am I thinking?” Reflect on why you’re craving the treat: if you’re hungry| try something that calms cravings (like these healthy desserts)| or indulge in your favorite treat mindfully. If your cravings are more due to emotional reasons like anxiety| stress| boredom| or loneliness| taking a minute to acknowledge that you’re eating emotionally can help you make a smart decision. “Often| just thinking WAIT helps break the pattern of eating to fulfill specific emotions rather than feeding your hunger|” advises registered dietitian Julie Upton of Appetite For Health. Recognizing the motivations behind your cravings can help change your habits for good. Read more on how to stop emotional eating here.

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Image Source: Thinkstock