Start This Smart Tip Now For Weight-Loss Success by Summer

One look at trainer Stacie Clark and you know she knows a thing or two about being bikini ready. The FreeMotion Fitness trainer and Women’s Health Next Fitness Star winner recently told us how anyone| no matter how much of a gym newbie| can work up to a sculpted| beach-ready body themselves. “There’s a general rule of thumb about increasing your volume of training about 10 percent a week so that you don’t get hurt|” she explained. That means if you start with 20-minute workouts this week| next week’s workouts should only increase to 22 minutes in length. From there| you can build up to a longer workout| like an hourlong session| safely over time.

Of course| you’re not going to change your body in the gym alone. Stacie also recommends the 80/20 diet to help you see results fast. “If the general person follows the 80/20 rule ¡ª 80 percent good| 20 percent indulgent ¡ª then you’re living life really well.” We have to agree! Get ready for body-baring vacations by taking Stacie’s advice: start with our 20-minute workouts and learn how to eat the 80/20 way here.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography