How to Store Junk Food So You’re Not Eating It All at Once

Everyone has those specific foods ¡ª pizza| salty chips| chocolate| or ice cream ¡ª that you can’t help but find irresistible. Regardless of all the time you put in at the gym| when your personal trigger foods are around| willpower inevitably crumbles. If you relate| it’s best to get your personal triggers out of the house so you’re not forced to deal with constant temptation.

However| if you do decide to keep your triggers around| dietitian Julie Upton| MS| RD of Appetite For Health recommends to “keep them out of sight (opaque containers| in the back of your cupboard). Research shows that out of sight equals out of mouth.” Stock up your fridge and pantry with good-for-you foods and Julie’s approved snacks that support your goals| and keep a bowl of fresh fruit out on your counter at all times; this way| it’s easy to grab a nutrition-dense bite when you’re on the go!

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Image Source: Thinkstock / ChrisBoswell