How to Let People Know You’re Serious About Losing Weight

So many people make small talk about wanting to lose a few pounds| so your family| friends| and co-workers might not realize that you mean business when it comes to losing weight. Setting off on a weight-loss journey can be intense and personal| but it’s still important to develop a strong support system that builds you up! Here’s how to explain your situation| take the reins| and start seeing results.

    Be up-front: When you start making healthier choices or begin to say no to big meals out or in-office treats| you might assume the people closest to you will realize you’re trying to make a change. They might not! You don’t need to carry a banner or blast your email threads letting everyone know| but it’s great to give a few people a heads-up so they can be cognizant of your goals and offer support where they can.Ask for help: Holding yourself accountable is the only way you’ll find sustainable success ¡ª no one can be your keeper but you ¡ª but there’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Talk to the health-conscious people in your life for advice| tips| and tricks that keep them in check. And if you’re new to a workout routine| reach out to your friends and co-workers about their favorite gyms and studios in your area. Any insider information should be welcome as you set off on your path.Learn to say no: This was the biggest one for me to practice when I started losing weight. I’ve always been a “yes” person| so passing up fun and exciting invitations in place of a sweat session at the gym or an afternoon of prepping healthy lunches for the week was a bit of a struggle at first. You need to get comfortable saying no if you want to see and feel results.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Glen Giffen