How to Make Your Morning Habit Healthier

How to Make Your Morning Habit Healthier

There are many health benefits to both coffee and tea u2014 disease-fighting| metabolism-revving| and memory-boosting benefits| to name a few. But in order to maximize these health benefits| there may be a few tweaks you should be doing to your morning routine. Read on for the dos and don’ts for making your morning cup of coffee or tea even healthier!

| Do: Add Spices

Don’t reach for the sugar; add flavor to your coffee with spices instead. Not only do spices contain fewer calories than sugar| but also| you’ll be getting a few added benefits. Cinnamon| for example| can help control blood sugar| while nutmeg can help regulate your digestive tract.

| Don’t: Add Milk to Your Tea

Tea and milk may be fit for the Brits| but mixing milk with tea actually decreases the health properties of those leaves. So if you’re looking to reap some of the cancer-fighting powers from your daily cup of tea| then make sure you leave the dairy out of it.

| Do: Add Lemon to Tea Instead

If you’re looking to maximize those antioxidants in your daily tea treat| then try brightening up your cup with a squeeze of lemon. Adding a little citrus to your cup of green tea brings out the antioxidant power of the brew’s catechins.

| Don’t: Take Vitamins With Your Coffee

In the morning| it’s all about having an efficient routine. But if yours involves a swig of coffee followed by your daily vitamins and supplements| then you may want to hold off. Research has shown that coffee’s effect on your digestive tract may make it harder for your body to absorb all the nutrients from your vitamins| since things may be moving just a little bit faster. Instead| wait at least 10 to 15 minutes after your coffee break before taking your vitamins.

| Do: Watch the Brew Time

Tea’s many health benefits stem from its level of catechins| which are full of antioxidant power. Overbrewing the leaves| however| lowers the amount of antioxidants in your cup| so most teas should only steep for three to five minutes. Green and white teas should be steeped in water that’s slightly below boiling.