The Best Indoor Workouts For When It’s Freezing Outside

Too cold outside? Our friends at Self have your indoor workout covered.

What happens on a snow day has changed a bit. Instead of sledding down the neighborhood hill, you’ll be spending your day sleeping in and finally reading the novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months (that is after you finish shoveling). While you may be stuck indoors, you can still get that fitness “high” you feel after a tough workout. Here are three fresh ways to up your fitness game today:

Move It: Martial arts movements infused with high-intensity training equals a killer bodyweight routine you can do anywhere.

Stream It: Tired of your workout DVD collection and don’t have a living room suitable for kettlebell swings? These online fitness hubs have fresh routines (from power yoga flows to strength training) that you can stream now.

Feel It: The snow day swap for marathon training is marathon Netflix watching. Check out these six inspiring running documentaries that will get your heart racing…in anticipation for your next run.


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