10 Reasons Jen Selter Inspires Way More Than Booty

10 Reasons Jen Selter Inspires Way More Than Booty

If you haven’t scoped out Jen Selter’s Instagram account yet| it’s time to see what this bootylicious Internet sensation is all about. With a rabid social media following obsessing over Jen’s unbelievable derriere| it seems that Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one out to break the Internet. But what we love about Jen| besides her amazing body| are her positive attitude and commitment to making fitness a part of her life u2014 seriously| this girl can master a squat anytime and anywhere. Check out some of our favorite moments of Jen’s from the year| and get ready for some serious motivation for 2015!

| She Mastered Social Media

Jen credits her success with her devotion to social media. She told Elite Daily| “”Social media has opened the doors for so many to succeed and achieve their goals. I would NOT be where I am today without it!””

| She’s a Positive Role Model

Even with her newfound fame| Jen has remained grounded and works to inspire others with both her body and attitude. “”Despite all my ‘belfies|’ a picture does not speak for who I am; it does not speak for my personality| morals or personal beliefs|”” she told Elite Daily. “”I post my pictures to motivate others and if people see it differently| so be it.””

| She Literally Works Her Butt Off

Like all of us| Jen knows that working out is not a perfect science; some days are better than others. But she continues to push herself with new and fun workouts. She captioned this Instagram photo| “”One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that just a couple of weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did!””

| She Landed Herself a Major Photo Spread

Jen’s rabid social following (she has over five million followers) and amazing physique helped her earn a sexy photo spread in Vanity Fair this past April.

| She Works Out Like the Rest of Us

No| she doesn’t have expensive trainers or fancy gear; Jen is a do-it-yourself fitness girl. In her Vanity Fair interview| the tan and toned fitness gal confessed| “”I would follow the trainers and when they were training someone I was like| ‘oh| what does that do?'””

| She’s Also Into Healthy Eating

For a body this great| Jen knows eating healthy is important too. She told The Huffington Post| “”Regardless if I am in serious exercise mode or not; eating healthy is always a part of my daily routine.”” She also mentioned that she loves food like oatmeal| eggs| veggies| and u2014 for a special treat u2013 dark chocolate.

| She Made #Seltering Happen

If you haven’t heard the term yet| #seltering is Jen’s take on the #planking phenomenon. To copy her signature move| pose somewhere with your feet and hands on the ground and your booty in the air.

| She Fights Against Her Haters

After suffering from bullying at a young age| Jen says that she’s passionate about ending the cycle. “”I would love to try to make people feel stronger about themselves where any negative or mean comments don’t [affect] them because they have built up their self esteem|”” Jen told The Huffington Post. “”This is something I will actively continue to help people with.””

| She Knows Consistency Is Key

“”Fitness is a lifestyle|”” Jen told The Huffington Post. “”You must be mentally prepared to commit to it and be consistent with your health and fitness lifestyle in order to see results and as we know results don’t happen overnight.””

| She Made #Belfies Happen Too

Yes| Jen has mastered the art of showing off her best “”asset”” on her Instagram account. Though some viewers accuse her of not gaining her derriere the natural way| she opened up to Elle magazine on how she really works it: “”It’s all about the angles| let’s be honest.””