Katy Perry’s Fitness Routine Will Make You Want to Roar in Agreement

Singer Katy Perry has an amazingly fit body to go along with her strong voice| but jumping on stage isn’t the only way she stays in shape. The 30-year-old| who blew viewers away with her physically demanding Super Bowl halftime show| is all about eating right| exercising| and even meditating.

An immune-boosting diet: Katy is a fan of Harley Pasternak’s Five Factor Diet. It encourages you to eat five small nutritious meals a day and to exercise five times a week. She told People that now she’s all about light| brothy soups| grilled chicken| whole grains like quinoa| and grilled asparagus. She gets vitamins and nutrients from fresh-pressed juices and coconut water and focuses on eating a balanced diet to keep her energy levels high for performances and to avoid getting sick.

Smart swaps: Katy has a salt tooth| so when she’s craving something like Mexican food| she finds a healthier version such as quesadillas with turkey| black beans| and low-fat cheese. When she’s craving nostalgic favorites like PB&J| the singer turns to specially concocted smoothies that have all the right flavors without the fat.

How she stays fit: This pop singer prefers getting outside instead of hitting the gym and enjoys hiking| but she also makes time for workouts designed by trainer Harley and loves jumping rope. “Katy aims to exercise five days a week| doing short| high-intensity workouts| including lunges and hip thrusts|” Harley says. “These tone| as well as boost her metabolism| and can be done anywhere.”

To replicate her toned abs| try Katy’s go-to moves during your next workout!

Image Source: Getty / Karl Walter| Kevin Mazur