The Trainer Who Is Taking Instagram by Storm

The Trainer Who Is Taking Instagram by Storm

Aussie trainer Kayla Itsines seems to be everyone’s current Instagram obsession. Her toned| strong| and lean physique; bright and beautiful food photos; and high-energy workout videos make us want to drop our iPhones and hit the gym hard. She’s helped tons of women lose weight with her tips| tricks| and online workout plan u2014 and her Instagram has the before and after photos to prove it! If you’re in need of some fresh fit inspiration on your account| here are the reasons it’s time to give her a follow.

Source: Instagram user kayla_itsines

| She Gets Creative With Workout Locations

Kayla regularly hits up playgrounds| parks| and the beach to get her workout in the great outdoors. While it doesn’t hurt that she is working with gorgeous weather Down Under| Kayla’s snaps will inspire you to head out| get creative| and mix things up with your workouts.

| She Has Two Incredibly Cute Dogs

Kayla’s “”babies”” Ace and TJ make regular appearances on Kayla’s account| and they’re often out being active with mom. One of Kayla’s favorite low-intensity workouts is a long walk on the beach with these cute guys.

| She Shares a Ton of Amazing Before and After Photos

Tons of women have found Kayla on Instagram| started following her online workout plan| and have experienced incredible results. You could spend a few hours scrolling through her feed to see all the women who credit Kayla’s training plan with their big and sustainable successes.

| She’s Not Afraid to Lift

At a late-night gym session| Kayla squeezed in some strength training. Yes| she’s toned and trim u2014 and she’s not afraid grab some weight. We love it!

| She Understands Recovery

While Kayla is all about HIIT| she also knows that stretching and recovery are absolutely necessary. She’s no stranger to the joys of foam rolling and has gone as far as to say| “”you CANNOT train like me three to five days a week (in my style) and NOT put time into rehab!””

| She Keeps Her Diet Clean (and Inspiring!)

She’s constantly Instagramming (and regramming) gorgeous food photos that make clean-eating options look way more appetizing than we ever thought possible. You can expect to see sweet smoothies| fresh produce| and gorgeous bowls of fresh fruit.

| She Has a Sense of Humor

We love that Kayla’s account is inspirational and aspirational| but she also refuses to take herself too seriously. Her buff boyfriend| Tobi| made a silly appearance| and we love that this gorgeous gal doesn’t mind letting loose.