Khlo¨¦ Kardashian Will Motivate You to Work Out This Weekend

Khlou00e9 Kardashian Will Motivate You to Work Out This Weekend

Do you think finding the time to work out around Christmas sounds impossible? Khlou00e9 Kardashian doesn’t seem to think so. If you’ve fallen off your healthy wagon in the midst of seasonal celebrations| these stars will inspire you to get back on track u2014 a few have even made holiday travel plans that require a lot of athleticism.

| Hilary Duff

With a healthy snack of baby carrots packed and ready| Hilary Duff ran around LA in workout garb.

| Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton hit the slopes in style right before Christmas.

| Kate Hudson

She’s bundled up| but that’s Kate Hudson under all that ski equipment! Kate spent time celebrating the season skiing with her family in Aspen.

| Khlou00e9 Kardashian

Holiday partying doesn’t hold Khlou00e9 Kardashian back from sticking with the game plan! The reality star had a protein shake in hand after leaving celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym.