Khlo¨¦ Kardashian Is a Fan of a Pretty Weird Weight-Loss Method

While promoting her upcoming talk show Kocktails with Khlo¨¦ on FYI, Khlo¨¦ Kardashian sat down with Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee to chat about her body image, sibling competitiveness, and some . . . questionable weight-loss methods.

In the new episode of I Yahoo’d Myself, Khlo¨¦ admits that she never saw herself as “the fat one,” although she was continually regarded as such. In an extended feature for the website, she said, “Before the show, I always felt really good in my own skin but people called me ‘the fat one,’ so I would almost beat them to the punch. In interviews I was like, ‘I know I’m the funny fat one.'” She added, “I always thought I had a pretty normal body ¡ª I could have lost weight six years ago; I could have done all of that. I don’t want to do something for somebody else.”

Now Khlo¨¦’s getting seriously fit on her own accord ¡ª check out her full-body workout for yourself ¡ª and it’s given her a refreshing perspective on body confidence. Khlo¨¦ said, “It really comes from loving yourself from within. If Instagram were to take a picture of your soul, what would that look like? I know my soul is beautiful. I know I’m a good person ¡ª but that came from fat Khlo¨¦ and that’s going to come from skinny Khlo¨¦.”

While we applaud her advice, Khlo¨¦ also dished on some of her more unconventional weight-loss practices ¡ª which we don’t recommend ¡ª like waist trainers and sauna suits. Khlo¨¦ has been a fan of waist trainers for quite some time and frequently promotes them on Instagram. Comparing a sauna suit to Missy Elliott’s garb in her music video for “The Rain,” she explained, “It’s basically like you’re wearing a black garbage bag, and if you’re just doing cardio, you’ll burn double the calories. I’ll do that at Equinox and people think I’m nuts.”