A Look at Kim Kardashian’s Diet (Hint: No Dessert)

After struggling with getting the baby weight off| it looks like Kim Kardashian has found her stride. In the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar| we get an almost hour-by-hour rundown of the reality star’s life. Between the selfies| meetings| video chats with her sisters| and playtime with North| a picture of health emerges.

6 a.m. . . . The first person I talk to is Kanye because he’s right there next to me in bed. I’ll say| “Do you want to go for a run?” And he usually does. Or he won’t because he has a workout| so we’ll just talk about that| then kisses.

On Kim’s running playlist? It’s not Kanye. Instead Kim opts for classical and R&B because anything else just slows her down| she says. Workouts last about 90 minutes or so with time spent running and then strength training. While Kim used to a big fan of the gym| she now skips it for home workouts| which allows her more time to spend with North. So far| so good.

And while Kanye isn’t always up for a run| he’s definitely making sure the Kardashian-West household is eating healthy. It’s probably of no surprise that they aren’t cooking for themselves; but who in Hollywood doesn’t have a personal chef or meal-delivery service these days? Welcome to the good life.

8 a.m. . . . Kanye loves to eat really healthy and is always on different diets. He has a chef who comes in the morning and cooks breakfast for both of us and gets our meal plans together for the day. We just started seeing a nutritionist who changes our diet every 10 days.

On the menu is a lot of protein and vegetables and not a ton of carbs. Breakfast for Kim is usually oatmeal| scrambled eggs| or a protein shake with fruit. Lunch (1 p.m.) and dinner (7 p.m.) are some version of fish or chicken with vegetables. Low-carb and protein-heavy ¡ª?you won’t see many health nuts taking issue here. We are going to raise an eyebrow over with her version of dessert though.

3 p.m. If I need a sweet-tooth fix| I’ll have those Justin’s peanut butter packs; the almond butter is also really good. I’ll just eat it plain. I used to drink a ton of iced tea| but I’ve cut back. I had the craziest addiction to Equal ¡ª I’d put 10 Equals in every iced tea. My sister Kourtney would always say| “You can’t have that much sweetener!” I’ve trained myself to have just one iced tea a week| and I’m down to three Equals.

Three Equals aside| Kim does say she occasionally splurges on ice cream ¡ª? Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche to be exact.

Image Source: Instagram user kimkardashian