Lauren Conrad Is Not On Board With These Body-Shaming Words

Strong is the new sexy. While many women have shown this with the hashtags #strongisthenewskinny and #strongisthenewsexy| designer Lauren Conrad has taken the positive movement to a new level. Lauren announced on her site that her editorial team will stop using terms like “skinny|” “slim|” and “thin” to describe getting in shape and instead| they will focus on embracing a woman’s strength with words like “fit|” “toned|” and “healthy.”

Lauren wrote:

“When we’ve talked about getting in shape in the past| words like ‘skinny|’ ‘slim|’ and ‘thin’ have often come up. Starting this month| we’ll be banning any body shaming terms from the site| and replacing them with words like ‘fit’ ‘toned|’ and ‘healthy.’ We try [to do] this for the most part anyway| but now we’re making it official! The word skinny will now be reserved for skinny jeans. My editorial team and I had a long talk about it| and we want to make sure that the focus is on being fit as opposed to a number on the scale. Every body is created differently¡ªand healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.”

The goal is to celebrate every body shape| which is a movement we can all stand behind. The announcement comes just in time for the June theme of her site| Shape Up| where she’ll share fitness and diet tips on getting healthy and in shape for Summer. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this change!

Image Source: Getty / Michael Stewart / WireImage