9 Ways Lea Michele Inspires Us to Get Moving Every Day

9 Ways Lea Michele Inspires Us to Get Moving Every Day

When it comes to fit inspiration| it’s hard to beat Lea Michele‘s commitment to a healthy lifestyle. When looking at Lea’s Instagram account| it takes all of five seconds to see that she’s constantly hiking| at yoga| or cooking up some clean eats. Here are all the reasons why we wish we could count Lea as one of our workout buddies.

| She’s Always Hiking

It’s a rare weekend that we don’t see Lea taking advantage of the sunny LA weather by heading out for a hike. TreePeople Park in Beverly Hills is a favorite destination of hers.

| . . . and Kicking Butt in Other Ways

Don’t let the jump rope fool you u2014u00a0it’s more than just playground fodder. Judging from how exhausted Lea looked from a recent session| she clearly gets how effective jumping rope can be.

| She Also Likes It Hot

Besides hiking| Lea has a love affair with yoga u2014u00a0hot yoga| to be exact. Of the practice| she says| “”#GoodForTheBody [and] #GoodForTheSoul.”” We couldn’t agree more!

| She Nourishes Herself From the Inside Out

Add Lea to the list of celebrities who go gaga over Kimberly Snyder’s concoctions. This glowing green juice is packed with important vitamins and antioxidants.

| She’s a Spiritual Gangster

We can’t hate Lea for her love affair with the it’s a favorite of ours| too. Wearing its inspirational tanks and tees makes us feel like we can do just about anything!

| She Celebrates Life’s Moments With Movement

After she wrapped up her final episode of Glee| you might think Lea was headed straight to a lazy-day vacation u2014u00a0nope! In her own words| she said| “”I’d rather climb a mountain.””

| She’s Not Afraid to Strike a Pose

Lea took her love of yoga outdoors| demonstrating a pretty awesome Dancer pose during a weekend hike.

| It’s All About Clean Eats at Lea’s House

Lea often shares pictures of her weekly produce bounty. A big fan of cooking at home| she tries to keep it as fresh and clean as possible. Feeling inspired? Check out Lea’s recipe for an egg white frittata.

| Romantic Getaways Are Excuses to Hike

Even when planning a weekend getaway with boyfriend Matthew Paetz| Lea keeps things moving. The two recently spent time in Big Sur| CA| together| filling their days with hiking| hiking| and more hiking!