Forget Fitness: 2014 Was the Year of the Lifestyle Tracker

Forget Fitness: 2014 Was the Year of the Lifestyle Tracker

Tracking your steps is so last year. This year marked an explosion of new fitness trackers| but they weren’t limited to your standard Jawbones or Nike Fuelbands. For anyone obsessed with the quantified self| there were a lot more ways to measure your health in 2014. Read on for some of the most unique ways to track your health stats| from how you sleep to how you breathe.

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| June

The sparkly leather wristband June ($99) measures your sun exposure throughout the day| then makes recommendations on how you can catch rays and stay safe| when it’s time to reapply sunscreen| or how you can prevent premature aging.

| Brite R450

The Brite R450 ($130) looks and acts like a regular activity tracker| but it also does something different: it also records exposure to overall and blue light levels and will let you know when you need more or less natural light in order to improve energy levels or your mood.

| Vessyl

Not sure why your diet isn’t working? It could be those empty calories you’re imbibing. If you want to watch what you drink| pour your next beverage into the Vessyl ($99| originally $199). A screen on the side of the cup will show you nutritional stats like calories| sugar amounts| caffeine| protein| and more.

| Muse

Called “”the mental equivalent of a treadmill|”” Muse ($299) sets out to train your brain. Muse records your brain activity| then leads you through exercises meant to calm the mind and develop focus. Via an app| it keeps a record of each day’s session; over time| you become calmer| more attentive| and more immune to distraction.

| Sleepace Rest On

Many fitness trackers record your sleep data| but the Sleepace Rest On ($149) is one you don’t even have to wear to bed. Attach to the Rest On to your mattress| and it will record sleep time| heart rate| respiratory rate| body movement and sleep cycles.

| Lumo Lift

Want perfect posture? The Lumo Lift ($100) fits discreetly on your chest or shoulders and vibrates whenever you slouch. Check your progress on the app to see if those constant reminders are doing any good.

| Tinke

With one read of your finger| the Tinke ($110| originally $129) can measure heart rate| blood oxygen level| and respiratory rate. You can use this data to monitor your health and fitness levels (called the Vita Index) and your stress levels (called the Zen Index).

| Milestone Pod

Like conventional fitness trackers| the Milestone Pod ($25) records running and walking data like distance| pace| steps| and calories. But it also goes one step further: the Milestone is made for runners and tracks when it’s time to replace a running shoe| tells you exactly what your footstrike is| and offers guidance on how changing cadence can improve your pace. Think of it as a running coach that fits on your shoe.