3 Simple Steps to Look 10 Pounds Lighter

Good posture not only makes you look confident| but it can also make you look up to 10 pounds thinner. No matter how toned those abs might be| slouching curves the spine forward| creating rolls on the belly. It can also make you appear inches shorter than you truly are. From my time in the Pilates studio| I can tell you the majority of my clients tuck the pelvis under and let the ribs fall behind their center| allowing the shoulders to round forward. This makes a giant C-curve out of the spine. And this is definitely not good posture.

The solution to the droopy spine and tucked pelvis is pretty simple:

    Stick out your booty: You need to correct the pelvis before you can affect the rest of the torso. To untuck your pelvis| you need the pubic bone and the two bones at the top of the pelvis (known as ASIS) to form a triangle perpendicular to the ground. To find your ASIS| put your hands on your hips.Move ribs forward: Once the pelvis is aligned straight up and down| you need to place the ribcage on top of it. I like to think of the pelvis and the ribcage as the building blocks of the torso. Moving your ribcage forward over your pelvis| rather than having it hang back| lengthens the front of your torso| which naturally helps to pull in the abs. Think of the ribcage moving up and forward. With the ribs and pelvis in alignment| pulling the deep abs to the spine ¡ª without squeezing your butt or rounding the spine ¡ª will help maintain this neutral position of the back. Open your chest: Slouching allows the shoulders to roll forward and inward| closing down the chest. Simply think of expanding your shoulders wide to the sides. Your breast bone (aka sternum) is technically part of your ribcage| so continue the process by moving that forward-and-up feeling in your chest| too.

This postural tip works whether you’re sporting a bikini or a one-piece| wearing a halter dress or short shorts. Not only will you look good| but your spine will appreciate your good posture too.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich