Slash Calories and Carbs From 7 Classic Comforting Favorites

Slash Calories and Carbs From 7 Classic Comforting Favorites

Cutting back on carbs does not mean you have to give up the comfort foods you love! It just means you need to get a little creative with their preparation. Here are some of the classics we constantly crave that we seriously lightened up.

| Instead of Fried Wings| Bake Cauliflower Bites

Crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside| these cauliflower bites are the closest a vegetarian gets to a “real”” buffalo wing experience| plus they’re much lower in calories and carbs than the original. Before they’re baked| a dip in the garbanzo bean batter gives each cauliflower bite a crisp coating that tastes like it’s straight out of the fryer.

| Instead of French Fries| Bake Kabocha Squash Rings

Skip the standard french fries| and opt for this crispy| nutrient-rich alternative. Sweet and nutty kabocha squash rings are baked in the oven for just about an hour| resulting in golden-brown| low-carb rings that will make boring old french fries feel so passu00e9. Take yours for a dip in this spicy sriracha-yogurt sauce!

| Instead of Takeout Fried Rice| Try Veggie Slaw Stir-Fry

Try cooking up this veggie-packed stir-fry where prepackaged broccoli slaw stands in for traditional rice or noodles. High in fiber| protein| and vitamin C| and lower in carbs| sugar| sodium| and calories| this 345-calorie nutrient-rich stir-fry can be prepped| cooked| and served in just 15 minutes.

| Instead of Shrimp and Grits| Try Garlic Shrimp With Cauliflower “”Grits””

If your ultimate comfort food tends to be Southern-fried| try this low-carb Paleo riff on classic shrimp and grits. Riced cauliflower simmers on the stove in a coconut milk bath to stand in for traditional corn grits| while fresh lemon| a little spice| and a touch of ghee make the shrimp portion of this classic dish much lighter without lacking in flavor.

| Instead of a Pizza Pie| Try Eggplant Pizzas

Let fresh produce stand in for the traditional carb-laden crust. Eggplant rounds are the perfect vessel for all the saucy and cheesy goodness that comes with your favorite traditional slice. These eggplant pizzas still hit all the notes you’re craving.

| Instead of Store-Bought Tortillas| Try a Collard Green Wrap

Instead of always opting for flour tortillas| use collard green leaves to wrap up a sandwich like this like this low-carb one from Kimberly Snyder’s book The Beauty Detox. Don’t be skeptical about the raw walnut filling; it’s so satisfying!

| Instead of Mac and Cheese| Try Cheesy Cauliflower Mac

Pasta-less mac and cheese might sound sad| but it tastes anything but in this naturally gluten-free alternative that uses chopped cauliflower instead of quinoa or gluten-free pasta. It’s much lower in carbs than the classic| but it’s just as cheesy and delightful.