A Simple Carb-Cutting Trick For Weight Loss

A Simple Carb-Cutting Trick For Weight Loss

If you’re a carb queen| you don’t discriminate. You’ll gladly bite into a warm and chewy roll or a forkful of pasta| grab a handful of pretzels| or devour a just-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffin. While I’m all for enjoying carbs| loading up on bread products isn’t the best tactic if you’re trying to drop pounds. See how many calories you’ll save by making these easy bread swaps with fruit and veggies.

| Breakfast Swap

Swap an apple for bread:

One medium apple: 93 calories

Two slices whole-wheat bread: 200 calories

Calories saved: 107

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Lunch Swap

For your sandwich| use spinach or swiss chard leaves instead of a wrap:

Six spinach leaves (slightly steamed so they stick together): POPSUGAR Social user prepel

| Snack Swap

Forget crunching down on a bag of potato chips| and bake these using spinach instead:

A one-ounce serving of potato chips is 160 calories.

A serving of spinach chips is 75.

Calories saved: 85

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Snack Swap

Skip the crackers and use cucumber slices instead:

One-fourth of a cucumber (about six slices): 11 calories

Six Triscuits: 120 calories

Calories saved: 109

| Dinner Swap

In your favorite lasagna recipe| use tender spaghetti squash instead of whole-wheat pasta:

One serving of gluten-free cheesy veggie “”pasta”” bake: 208 calories
One serving of vegetable lasagna: 314 calories

Calories saved: 106

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Dinner Swap

Swap a side of sautu00e9ed spinach for a side of mashed potatoes:

1 cup sautu00e9ed spinach: 237 calories

Calories saved: 196

| Dinner Swap

Skip the fettuccine noodles for carrots:

One two-ounce serving of pasta is 200 calories.

One two-ounce serving of carrots is 23 calories.

Calories saved: 177

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Dessert Swap

Instead of cookies| go for fruit and chocolate:

Two chocolate-covered strawberries: 178 calories

Calories saved: 89