Stop the Sugar Bomb! How to Blend a Weight-Loss-Approved Smoothie

Smoothies are a simple and easy way to load up on healthy ingredients in one tall glass| but the sky-high sugar content in many blends can make your jaw drop. For example| while delicious| one medium banana blended into your smoothie accounts for over 14 grams of sugar!

Yes| naturally occurring sugars| like those from fruit| are welcome in a balanced diet| but too much of anything isn’t good especially if you’re concerned about elevated blood sugar levels or you’re trying to cut back on carbs. The following charts break down some of the best low-sugar ingredient options to try out today. To go one step further| we’ve added five easy smoothie recipes at the bottom that keep sugar well under 10 grams per glass.


Calories Sugar (grams)

Kale (one cup)330.0Spinach (one cup)70.1Avocado (1/4 fruit)1030.3Broccoli (one cup)311.5Cranberries (one cup)514.4Raspberries (one cup)645.4Blackberries (one cup)627.0Strawberries (one cup)467.1

Liquid Base

Calories Sugar (grams)

Rice milk| unsweetened450.0Almond milk| unsweetened401.0Soy milk| unsweetened601.0Coconut milk| unsweetened 451.0


Calories Sugar (grams)

Rolled oats (1/4 cup)750.5Cannellini beans (1/4 cup)600.5Low-fat cottage cheese (one cup)2030.7Almonds (1/4 cup)1070.8Almond butter (one tablespoon)901.0Soft tofu (1/2 cup)531.3Walnuts (1/4 cup)1091.6


Calories Sugar (grams)

Cinnamon (one teaspoon)60.0Ginger (one teaspoon| chopped)10.0Raw cacao nibs (one tablespoon)900.0Ground flaxseed (one tablespoon)370.1Fresh lime (one tablespoon)100.5Chia seeds (one tablespoon)670.5Spirulina powder (one serving)811.0

Easy Recipe CombosOne cup kale| 1/4 avocado| one cup unsweetened almond milk| 1/4 cup rolled oats| 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon| 1/2 cup crushed ice = 239 calories| 0.9 grams of sugar| 7.6 grams of proteinOne cup spinach| 1/4 avocado| one cup unsweetened almond milk| one tablespoon nut butter| one tablespoon cacao nibs| 1/2 cup crushed ice = 381 calories| 1.4 grams of sugar| 10.2 grams of proteinOne cup spinach| one cup raspberries| one cup unsweetened rice milk| one cup cottage cheese| 1/2 cup crushed ice = 316 calories| 6.3 grams of sugar| 34 grams of proteinOne cup raspberries| 1/4 avocado| one cup unsweetened coconut milk| one teaspoon ginger| one tablespoon lime juice| 1/2 cup crushed ice = 225 calories| 6.9 grams of sugar| 3.5 grams of proteinOne cup kale| one cup strawberries| one cup unsweetened soy milk| 1/8 cup almonds| one serving spirulina = 228 calories| 8.6 grams of sugar| 12.5 grams of proteinImage Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts