Lululemon Launches Its Newest Product – You Won’t Believe What It Is

Cult fitness brand Lululemon has launched a new product, but it’s not a pair of ultracomfy yoga pants. Instead, the fitness-centered company is launching its own craft beer, dubbed the Curiosity Lager. Lululemon has partnered with Stanley Park Brewing to create the beverage for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival, a popular race in Lululemon’s hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The beer comes in a 500-milliliter can and has 4.6 percent alcohol, and with only 88,000 cans being released solely in Canada, not all Lululemon fans will be lucky enough to snatch up this new drink. Curiosity Lager is described as a “crisp, bold session lager” with a “citrus hop nose.”

“Just because you’re a yogi, doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasion for beer, and we’re certainly interested in talking to that crowd,” said Doug Devlin, director of marketing for Stanley Park Brewing. “I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd. It’s a nice way for each of us to take what it is we do to a new consumer.”

While we can’t predict if more men will be into yoga just for the beer, the pairing between exercise and alcohol is a fast-growing trend. After all, once you master the Handstand Scorpion pose, why not have a celebratory beer for your efforts? In fact, many studios host postclass wine parties and some races even offer wine-lovers special tastings. Research has also shown that having one drink won’t affect your post-workout achievements, but like with all vices, three or more drinks can negatively impact your hard work at the gym.

Curiosity Lager will be available on Aug. 15, but until then, see what other Lululemon fans are saying about the craft beer:

This will either go extremely well for the company or be the McPizza on the lululemon name #lululemon #curiositybeer

— Maddie Coelho (@maddie_coelho) July 20, 2015

I just don't understand this lululemon beer

— erika cionci (@erikacioncii) July 23, 2015

#lululemon coming out with their own beer. I'm assuming it has hints of pumpkin spice latte, with a finish of lighting a $100 bill on fire.

— ian slipp (@ianslipp) July 21, 2015

Image Source: Instagram user nadinebeland