Not Sure How to Choose a Fitness Tracker? Here’s an Ingenious Solution

Not sure which fitness tracker is right for you? A new service from tech-lending start-up Lumoid has a solution: try them all on.

OK| maybe it doesn’t let you try out every tracker (at this point| there are so many to choose from!)| but Lumoid’s Wearables Box does let you choose up to five fitness trackers to sport for seven days. After a week| send them all back and pay $20| or buy the one for you at its normal retail price with the $20 try-on fee waived. Since Lumoid carries many of the most popular devices| like the Jawbone Up24| the Fitbit Charge| and the Misfit Shine ¡ª as well as smartwatch selections like the Samsung Gear Fit and the Pebble C chances are you’ll find a tracker that will be right at home on your wrist. If you’re in the market for the perfect fitness tracker for your lifestyle| this service is an easy solution for comparing your top contenders. Start whittling down your must-try list by checking out details on some of the most popular fitness trackers here.

Image Source: Fitbit