A 560-Pound Man Goes on a 7-Month Bike Ride to Win Back His Wife

Source: Twitter user hites75

We all love the occasional bike ride| but 40-year-old Eric Hites from Indiana is taking this pastime to another level. He shared on his blog| Fat Guy Across America| that he’ll be biking across the country| a journey that’ll take seven months| in an effort to lose weight and win back his wife ¡ª a story that has captured the attention of fans everywhere.

The 560-pound artist and writer told ABC News he separated from his wife last year due to his increasing weight and health problems. What started out as an idea to prove to himself and his wife that he can achieve his fitness goals| however| has turned into a motivational journey for others. “I’ve gotten so many messages about being an inspiration. That was one of my primary goals when I set out|” he said. Eric has now joined forces with a trainer and has even created an online exercise group to help others in his situation get healthy.

Lugging a 300-pound trailer behind him| Eric is currently in Rhode Island and has already lost 60 pounds during his ride. He stated that the first day he only made it 100 yards before taking a break| but now he can bike a mile before resting.

And as to what his wife thinks of the journey? Eric acknowledged that she thought it was “all talk” at first| but now she “has changed her tune.” According to him| about a month into the ride| the couple’s relationship has been somewhat rekindled.

“I’m doing it because I love my wife and it kept me going . . . I want to spend the rest of my life with her. That drives me|” he said.

The next stop on Eric’s journey? Philadelphia.

Image Source: Instagram user fatguyacrossamerica