Study Finds Marijuana Much Safer Than Alcohol and Tobacco

Toke on this: the least risky way to wind down after a stressful day may just be marijuana| according to one study.

Researchers looked at the margin of exposure a comparison between a typical dose of a drug and its lethal dose in several recreational drugs as well as alcohol to measure each substance’s mortality risk. The results found that marijuana was 114 times safer than alcohol| which was the deadliest of the bunch| measuring higher on the mortality scale than drugs like ecstasy| heroin| and cocaine| as well as tobacco.

While the fact that marijuana may provide fewer health risks than other drugs has been shown before| this was the first study to measure just how much safer it may be. Of course| this new study is no reason to start up a new pot-smoking habit| and don’t forget the potential health benefits of moderate drinking. And while the authors argue for marijuana regulation over prohibition| they do caution that their study didn’t look at long-term or behavioral risks of chronic use in any of the illegal drugs tested. Even so| the results of this study are a surprising quantification of just how detrimental to your health many types of hobbies can be| both legal and otherwise.

Image Source: Shutterstock