Meet the Inspiring Personal Trainer Who Beat Depression Through Exercise

Meet the Inspiring Personal Trainer Who Beat Depression Through Exercise

Massy Arias wasn’t always a fitness guru| but now she’s inspiring people all over the Internet to be their best and most fit selves: just ask any of her nearly two million #strongisthenewsexy mantra is true.

| She Always Pushes Herself

The personal trainer and health coach shares videos of her workouts all the time| like this core workout that targets the obliques and lower abdominals.

| She’s Passionate About Eating Clean| but Not Boring

Massy shares what she eats with her followers| and she’s passionate about cooking balanced meals and never cutting out certain food groups altogether. She says| “I want you to forget about all these fad diets.””

| She Loves to Show Her “”Beastmode””

We don’t blame her. Next fitness goal: do this.

| She’s Toned From Head to Toe

The woman can seriously rock a bikini.

| She Shares Her Healthy Recipes

In this 15-second video| Massy shows a supersimple recipe for low-carb turkey burgers made with portobello mushrooms in place of buns. She’s always looking to inspire others| encouraging her followers to “”tag a friend”” who could use some new ideas or inspiration.

| Her Clients Are Proof That #TheMassyMethod Works

She loves to share before-and-after transformations| reminding everyone that a health journey is about progress| not perfection. Here| she says she’s “”very proud of my teenage trooper Emily losing 11 total inches so far and feeling more confident but better yet: adding years to her life.””

| She Gets Creative in the Kitchen

Grilled chicken breast every day? No way. Massy admits| “”I can’t stand grilled chicken all day every day|”” so she shared her recipe for these ground chicken and vegetable “”muffins.””

| Her Perspective Is That Anyone Can Become the Person They Want to Be

She says| “”Imagine if that punching bag is the one thing that stands before you and your goals. With every kick you get a step closer to getting where you want to be.””

| She Knows It’s Important to Recover

Massy doesn’t forget to mention that muscle recovery is a vital part of exercise| and here she spent two hours of foam rolling and two hours of stretching. She says| “”our bodies are delicate| and we must spend the time rehabbing and ‘oiling’ up the muscles that helps us get through our daily activities.””

| She Wants Women to Know That They Can Be Muscular and Keep Their Feminine Curves

Massy encouraged her followers to “”tag a female friend who is scared of lifting.”” Her photos are a constant reminder that strong really is the new sexy.