Why Mila Kunis Would Make a Great Workout Buddy

Why Mila Kunis Would Make a Great Workout Buddy

Happy birthday| Mila Kunis! The actress and mom-to-be turns 31 today| and we’re taking a look at Mila’s healthy philosophy.

While Mila’s much talked-about and very extreme Black Swan diet and exercise regime got her into professional dancer shape (and led to a 20-pound weight loss)| it wasn’t without sacrifice. She said she always felt hungry and Mila recently admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she was having some oddly healthy pregnancy cravings including pickles and probiotic-packed sauerkraut. Read on to see how Mila is preparing for motherhood while maintaining a lifestyle that’s healthy| fit| and fun!

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| She Makes Time For the Gym

Mila has worked hard to stay fit during her pregnancy; the actress carves out time to enjoy yoga and Pilates classes in Los Angeles. Mila’s current routine is a long way away from the intense regimen she had for Black Swan| but she knows the value of a good sweat session. In the past| Mila has said that she’s “”at the gym all the time|”” where she trains three days a week.

| She Takes It Outside

She may trek to the gym regularly| but what Mila Kunis loves most is the great outdoors. With Ashton by her side| Mila is often spotted spending time outside| taking a stroll or walking the dog. Mila also has a history of loving sports like jet skiing and snowboarding| and she has the scars to prove it. It’s no wonder she’s a fan: snowboarding can burn 270 to 340 calories in an hour.

| She’s a Wandering Traveler

Mila also loves to travel| but you won’t find her poolside sipping on a high-calorie cocktail the whole time (especially these days). She loves to backpack and usually can be found exploring a new city’s sights by foot| typically accompanied by Ashton. The couple has been spotted everywhere from New Orleans to beautiful Brazil. Mila also has a love of exploring the world with her brother. “”I like the way he travels|”” she said in Women’s Health. “”He grabs a map| says| ‘Let’s walk|’ and makes you explore.””

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| She Goes For Adventure

Though she has to tone down her adventurous side with a baby on the way| Mila is known for being hooked on adrenaline. Jet skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only fast-moving activities she likes u2014 to celebrate her 27th birthday| Mila went skydiving. “”I wanted to do this for a very long time| and I finally got the guts|”” she told Jimmy Kimmel. Injecting adventure into your daily routine can help you find a new active hobby or keep you from sitting bored on your couch.

| She Balances It Out

After a grueling six months training for Black Swan and eating only 1|200 calories a day| Mila said she wanted nothing more than to get back to a healthy weight. But while Mila has always loved her food and wine (“”I can make anything out of leftovers. My glass of wine and I are besties|”” she told Harper’s Bazaar)| she makes sure to live an active lifestyle in order to balance out her indulgences. With a baby arriving in the next few months| Mila has been busy eating out at healthy Los Angeles restaurants and stocking up on fresh groceries.