A Fun Way to Inspire Moving in the Morning

Who knew a simple little mason jar could help you on your path to losing weight? They’re perfect for protein- and fiber-packed overnight oats if that’s your wholesome breakfast of choice or for bringing a green breakfast smoothie on your work commute. And the widemouthed jars are great for packing salads for the week to keep calories in check at lunchtime. It doesn’t end with nutrition, though; a mason jar is also a great workout tool.

Help stay on the healthy track by making this a motivational mason jar. Here’s how it works: cut up 20 or so strips of paper, and write down short, one-exercise ideas that take about a minute to complete. Here are some ideas:

8 burpees20 push-ups1-minute plank3 sun salutations1-minute lateral bends15 triceps dips20 bicep curls15 shoulder rolls in both directions15 v-sits5 inchworms1-minute butt kicks20 bicycle crunches1-minute mountain climbers8 reverse burpees10 push-up walks (5 on each side)1-minute skip jumps15 plank jacks1-minute squats20 jumping jacks1-minute run in place

Fold the strips of paper, and throw them in the jar. Keep it on your bedroom nightstand or dresser, and as soon as you pop out of bed, reach into the jar and pull one out. If you’re feeling extra-inspired, do another exercise, or do a few. Although not a major calorie-burning workout, a little exercise in the morning can boost your metabolism. But more importantly, it’ll get you excited about moving, which can help motivate exercise later in the day.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar