Go Long, Get Fast, Burn Calories: Treadmill Run

Today’s workout in our Better-Body Challenge is cardio. This 45-minute workout starts at a slower place| but to keep things interesting| the speed picks up toward the end| making this a negative-split run. It takes a little discipline to start slowly and build speed throughout your workout| but when the time comes to run faster| your body will be ready for the challenge. Doing this type of workout consistently will help increase your overall running speed| too. And we love that 45 minutes of cardio is going to burn some serious calories.

If you are new to running| you can still tackle the negative-split run. Start at a comfortable speed and just increase in the increments and times this plan suggests.

Time Speed(MPH) Incline Notes


If running isn’t your jam| try this 45-minute elliptical workout| or bike| swim| or Zumba ¡ª?it doesn’t matter how you get your heart rate up| just keep moving for three-quarters of an hour.

Beginners: You can do this workout. Start at a pace you are comfortable with| and increase your pace in the increments suggested in the plan.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart