You’re Going to Love The Biggest Loser’s New Trainers

You’re Going to Love The Biggest Loser’s New Trainers

This season of The Biggest Loser might have a group of contestants full of familiar faces (all are former athletes| including NFL players and Olympic gold medalists!)| but two new trainers will also be making a stir on the ranch this season. Don’t worry: Dolvett and Bob are still in the mix| but season 16 welcomes trainers Jessie Pavelka and Jen Widerstrom to the Biggest Loser family. Learn more about these fitness experts and why we’re excited to see them on the show premiering Thursday| Sept. 11.

Source: NBC

| Meet Jessie

As a former college football player| professional bodybuilder| and NPC fitness competitor| Jessie Pavelka understands how small changes in nutrition and exercise can make a huge difference in terms of strength and performance u2014 and this is a big part of how he trains his clients.

But beyond the calories and the scale| Jessie understands that weight loss is about much more. “”We used to look at just numbers . . . there’s a lot more to it that we’ve realized. We’ve got to look on the inside [of a person] and the outside and those two things have got to work together.”” We can’t wait to see Jessie talk more about the mind-body connection that a weight-loss goal requires!

| Meet Jennifer

Rachel Frederickson’s controversial weight loss last season| we’re glad to know that there’s a trainer in the mix keeping this important part of the weight-loss equation in the forefront of her mind.