Train Like an Elite Runner With This 1-Hour Mix

When distance-running coach Jack Daniels analyzed the stride of a number of elite runners| he learned that they they almost all took 180 steps per minute. Beyond moving quickly| taking more steps takes the bounce of your stride| which can help prevent injury and keep you feeling energized throughout your run. To work out like the elite| look to this Spotify playlist that’s full of songs that are 90 BPM ¡ª a perfect pace to help you train like a pro. There’s over an hour of songs with a mix of ’90s jams and fresh new tunes to help you keep this quick pace. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist| and check out the full list of songs.

    “Roar” ¡ª Katy Perry”The Impression That I Get” ¡ª The Mighty Mighty Bosstones”Sky High” ¡ª Big Gigantic”19-2000″ ¡ª Gorillaz”Ugly” ¡ª Bubba Sparxxx”Don’t Lie” ¡ª The Black Eyed Peas”Future Blind” ¡ª Pretty Lights”Make Up Bag” ¡ª?The-Dream| T.I.”All the Things She Said” ¡ª t.A.T.u.”Ya Mama” ¡ª The Pharcyde”Just a Dream” ¡ª?Nelly”Letterbomb” ¡ª Green Day”I Got Love” ¡ª?Nate Dogg”Tessellate” ¡ª Tokyo Police Club”All About the Benjamins” ¡ª P. Diddy| Notorious B.I.G.| The Lox| Lil’ Kim

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Image Source: Shutterstock