Guess What Panera Is Ditching From Its Menu?

We were psyched to hear that Chipotle is removing GMOs from its menu| and for moms who make their kiddos Kraft Macaroni and Cheese| they’re excited that the company is planning to swap the fake orange color for one made using paprika and turmeric. And now| in response to consumers wanting healthy foods made from ingredients they’ve heard of| there’s good news for Panera Bread fans. The popular sandwich shop and bakery announced last Summer that by the end of 2016| all artificial preservatives| colors| sweeteners| and flavors will be removed from its food| and changes have already started to happen!

Panera calls the list of over 150 ingredients the “no no list.” We’re talking tons of ingredients any college-educated student would have a hard time pronouncing like azodicarbonamide| tertiary butylhydroquinone| and carboxymethyl cellulose. And don’t forget the ones we can pronounce but don’t want to see in our food such as MSG| artificial smoke flavor| and partially hydrogenated oils.

Thirty-four of the ingredients on this list have already been removed (woo-hoo!). And beginning Wednesday| all salad dressings will be “clean|” made without artificial sweeteners| colors| flavors| and preservatives. No more propylene glycol alginate in your Greek salad! Panera aims to ditch the rest of the list in the upcoming months.

Some nutritionists question Panera’s motives| hoping they’re not just doing it for PR purposes but to ensure the foods served are actually healthier. Of course| there’s still the issue that many of Panera’s menu items contain white flour and high amounts of sugar. And while it’s great that Panera openly posts calorie counts| that doesn’t stop people from eating its high-calorie food ¡ª 740 calories for one Pecan Roll! Well| sometimes we’re out and about and need a quick bite| so this news might make walking into a Panera Bread feel a little less painful.

Image Source: Flickr user Mike Mozart