Partner Yoga Poses For Friends and Lovers

Partner Yoga Poses For Friends and Lovers

This Valentine’s Day| forget the chocolate and flowers. Spend some time together connecting with your favorite person by doing some partner yoga. Move through this 10-posture sequence| and not only will you experience a deep stretch in your muscles| but you’ll deepen the connection with your loved one as well.

Source: Instagram user brigittabecker

| Arching Heart

This heart-shaped pose will not only increase flexibility in your spine| but opening the chest and shoulders also makes you feel lightness and love in your heart.

| Double Standing Forward Bend

Get over the fact that your bums are touching in Double Standing Forward Bend| because you’ll experience one of the most amazing hamstring stretches.

| Double Down Dog

This Down Dog partner pose feels great for both people. The person on the bottom gets a nice lower-back release and can deepen the stretch in the hamstrings. And the person on top gets to work on their upper-body strength in preparation for doing handstands.

| Down Dog Bow

It feels wonderful to have some weight on your hips in Down Dog| and for your partner on top| she’ll get to feel weightless as she stretches the front of her body and increases flexibility in her spine.

| Double Sandwich

Seated Forward Bend is an intense stretch when you do it on your own| but when you press the soles of your feet together with someone else and clasp hands| it takes intense to a whole new level.

| Double Wide Boat

Practicing Wide Boat pose with someone else will deepen the stretch in your hamstrings while working your core.

| Child’s Pose Lounge

This relaxing partner yoga pose gives one person an amazingly deep stretch in the lower back and stretches the abs| chest| and arms of the person on top.

| Double Gate

I love to stretch the sides of my body| especially after I’ve done some core work| but I can never get as deep a stretch on my own as I can doing Double Gate pose with a partner.

| Down Dog Scorpion

This Down Dog variation looks much more complicated than it actually is| so give it a try. It offers the person in Down Dog a deep hamstring stretch| and for the person in Handstand Scorpion| leaning her belly on her partner’s back allows her to feel stable enough to really work on arching her spine to bring the feet closer to the head.

| Flying Bow

Now it’s time for something a little more challenging but also a lot more fun. Flying Bow is a type of backward flying pose| where the person on top has their back facing their partner. Here are detailed instructions on how to safely get into position.