Pink Shares the Perfect Response to Fat-Shaming Comments

Just look at how elegant 35-year-old Pink looked| stepping out on Saturday night in a gorgeous black gown complete with a plunging neckline. She was attending a cancer research benefit| the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills| to honor her deceased friend Dr. Maggie DiNome| who was being recognized for her efforts to cure cancer. Pink posted a photo of herself in the dress| and that’s when the insensitive| unnecessary| and negative comments about her weight started to fly.

Pink took to Twitter with the perfect response: “. . . unfortunately| my weight seems much more important to some of you . . . I felt very pretty. In fact| I feel beautiful . . . I am perfectly fine| perfectly happy| and my healthy voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off.” She signed off jokingly| “Thanks for your concern. Love| cheesecake.” Take that| haters!

How does her family feel about her recent weight gain? Pink posted a comment made by her daughter| Willow:

Willow said to me the other day whilst grabbing my belly-"mama-why r u so squishy?"And I said.."b/cuz I'm happy baby"

— P!nk (@Pink) April 13| 2015

And how does her husband| Carey Hart| feel?

and my hubby says "it's just more to love baby" (and then I smack his hand off my booty cause we're in a supermarket)

— P!nk (@Pink) April 13| 2015

This singer has always had a supersculpted| strong| and chiseled bod| so give her a break! Pink is taking care of herself in other ways| enjoying life| and apparently has more important things to worry about than rock-hard abs.

Image Source: Getty